Business Areas


‘SUNGJIN Industrial Co., Ltd.’, a company leading the HVAC & Refrigeration industrial business related to the Commercial Refrigeration System, Unit Cooler, Chiller, Showcase, and Truck & Trailer Refrigeration Unit, has tried its best to run here constantly aiming at the customer’s satisfaction in each field since the foundation in March, 1987.



Condensing Unit / Screw Chiller

  1. Hermetic Air Cooled Package Condensing Unit
  2. Semi-Hermetic Air Cooled Package Condensing Unit
  3. Screw Chiller & Screw Condensing Unit

Unit Cooler/Remote Condenser

  1. Small & Medium size Unit Cooler

      2. Large size Unit Cooler

      3. Remote Condenser


Dorin Compressor


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