Be Smart Cold-Chain!

New challenges and leaps toward Global HVAC & Refrigeration leading Company

We are a professional manufacturing company which has manufactured the products, such as Unit Cooler, Hermetic Condensing Unit, Semi-Hermetic Condensing Unit, Chiller, Remote Condenser, Coil for Heat exchanger, etc., and which has the manufacturing experience specialized in HVAC & Refrigeration equipment for more than 30 years and the technical competence, since the foundation in March, 1987.

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Be Smart Cold-Chain!

Supplying more smart HVAC & Refrigeration equipment from Farm to Table

The loss and damage occurring in the entire process of cold chain distribution, such as production, storage, transport, sales, and consumption is about 45% degree.
This is the company that reduces a lot of loss and damage, and that is specialized in refrigeration and air-conditioning, meeting the customers’ Needs and creating the customer value through providing the solution of freezing and refrigeration equipment managing the supply chain of cold chain more smartly, and challenging with the slogan of ‘Be Smart Cold-Chain!


After harvesting the fresh agricultural products, marine products, and livestock products, before ‘Packing House’ them into the selection and packaging workplace, it is the beginning stage of cold chain distribution.

Packing House

It is the stage where after harvesting the fresh agricultural products, marine products, and livestock products, the freshness, ripening degree, etc. would be determined by using the sensor technology, and so on and the screening, classification, packaging would be conducted.


It is the precooling process before the low-temperature transportation or storage in the cold warehouse using the technologies, such as forced ventilation, the difference pressure pre-cooling, vacuum pre-cooling, cold water pre-cooling, ice pre-cooling, etc.

Cold Storage

Cold Storage: It is the fresh low temperature storage where the cold storage technology of ‘Smart Monitoring temperature control System’ based on the low temperature storage, freezing temperature storage, and refrigerated storage would be required most.

Refrigeration Transport

It is the low-temperature transportation stage to maintain the freshness during transporting the food products by the transportation, such as refrigerated transport truck, cold storage vehicle, and so on using the cold insulation, insulated container, cold storage, and insulator.

Market to Table

It is the stage maintaining the freshness by being stored in the sales equipment, such as showcase, Cold Storage, etc. in the sales facilities, such as Wholesale market, Retail market, Supermarkets, Discount Store, Mart, a Convenience Store, Traditional markets, etc.

Be Smart Cold-Chain!


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Be Smart Cold-Chain!

Realization of ICT(Information and Communication Technology) convergence-type HVAC & Refrigeration and leaping to Global Leading Company

In the development of Internet, inverter system, and mobile ICT technology, ICT fusion and convergence is the current trend of time in the HVAC & Refrigeration market. In the rapidly changing global HVAC & Refrigeration market, ‘Be Smart Cold-Chain!’ is going to promote the new challenge and leap enthusiastically toward a Global HVAC & Refrigeration Leading Company through the mobile ICT fusion and convergence technology of Korean ultimate operation capability and the smart ICT fusion and convergence new product development of HVAC & Refrigeration technology of ‘SUNGJIN Industrial Co., Ltd
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