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SungJin Industrial Co, Ltd.

‘SungJin Industrial Co, Ltd.’, founded on March 1 in 1987, starting with condensers, unit coolers, and various heat exchanger products, is a global manufacturing company specialized in the refrigeration and air-conditioning, which is leaping to SUNG JIN Industrial in the world with the new challenge toward “Global HVAC & Refrigeration Company” through the thorough dealing with customer’s needs and customer satisfaction with a new slogan of “Be Smart Cold-Chain” and the establishment of medium and long-term global vision, by securing the global competitiveness through the development of high-valued blue ocean new-product in the domestic and overseas HVAC & Refrigeration markets, based on the competitiveness for the specialized manufacturing of HVAC & Refrigeration equipment for over 30 years as a manufacturing company specialized in the equipment for refrigeration and air-conditioning.


Founding a leap, growth and stability, global vision of ‘SUNGJIN Industrial Co., Ltd.’ In pioneering spirit to make the impossible a possible and then leap to ‘SUNGJIN Industrial Co., Ltd.’ in the world.

The history of ‘SUNGJIN Industrial Co., Ltd.’ that has been made by the force of the pioneering spirit and hard practice that exceeds the limit during the past 30 years, leads to a history of change and innovation, also, go towards the other future. Everyone on the road that do not go only the first studded pioneering spirit to take to be healthy HVAC & Refrigeration specialty companies that can go away together to share a belief than fast-forward.



Major History

SUNGJIN Industrial Co., Ltd.’ has succeeded in qualitative shift to high value-added industry further in the refrigeration industry.
It is to challenge and constantly changing in those towering to the “Global leader to lead the change for a happy future” in the future.



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